Flag and soldiers.


Unofficially Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. Many of us of us are ready to hit the beach, slap some burgers on the grill and spend the long weekend with our families and friends.  Officially, it’s a day to remember those that fought and died for these great United States of America.  First called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was borne of the Civil War. On the very first celebration, 20,000 graves of Union and Confederate soldiers were decorated with flowers for those who perished in defense of their country. It was after WWI that the celebration honored ALL Americans that served and died in battle for our rights, for our freedoms…for our great nation, the United States of America.
Gettin’ Tipsy would like to thank ALL who serve our country.  Not just the men and woman in uniform, but their families who hold down the fort at home often times as single parents while their partner is serving to protect us all.  We respect, appreciate and honor those men and woman who have volunteered with courage to serve our country. We offer 15% discount to all service members and their families unless we have a special that works even better for your pocketbook.
Thank you, a MILLION times THANK YOU!
– The Gettin’ Tipsy Family

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