HOT New Gelish Colors! Why Get Gel Polish?

I wanted to talk a little bit about gel polish. Some people still don’t know the benefits of having a gel manicure / pedicure. Gel polish is not only for the natural nail. We have awesome results over acrylic nails as well. To put it simply, gel polish lasts!
Not only does it not chip like regular polish, it doesn’t wear off, and the shine is incredible during the length of your manicure.

Gel polish over the natural nail also gives a little strength to the nail. It is thicker then regular polish but is not an enhancement. You don’t come in with short nails and leave with long. It simply goes on top adding strength allowing your nails to grow.
Over acrylic nails the benefit is the wear and the shine. It doesn’t chip or wear at the tip. Your polish stays shiny until your 2 week fill. It is so important to maintain your fills EVERY TWO WEEKS, but we will save that for another blog. Even though the nails will look perfect in 2 weeks except for the regrowth you still need fills EVERY TWO WEEKS!
Because we live in Port Saint Lucie Florida, we have a lot of beach goers here. How frustrating is it to go to the nail salon get a pedicure only for it to get dulled chipped or ruined when at the beach? The sand files off your polish doesn’t it? Not with gel! Your pedicure would look amazing and shiny the entire length of your pedicure (which should be once a month!).
Another benefit is it is DRY when you leave the nail salon. Not just top dry, dry through and through since it is cured under an LED light, no smudges! Dig in your purse and start your car, it won’t budge!!!
Does it ruin your nails?
Here’s the truth, anything over your nails for a period of time, acrylics, polish or gel will dry your nail. On a natural nail only the shiny layer is roughed slightly for added adhesion. However if you peel the gel off just as if you peel polish it will take off layers. The trick is to remove it the proper way.
Let’s face it: the reason people go to the nail salon is to have better looking nails or help their nails to grow because frankly their nails alone aren’t the strongest and they tend to peel and chip to begin with. The gel will give the strength to get the length but isn’t going to make your nails stop doing what they have always done.
Stop by our salon this week! We have an amazing new line of gel colors and it is a great time to try it!



Top 10 Reasons Why You Love Going To The Nail Salon

1.) You feel confident and sexy afterwards. No more nail polish that sneaked its way onto your cuticles or surrounding skin. No more smudges. Your hands and feet look and feel revitalized after we file your nails into the perfect shape and smooth away those calluses.


2.) You can go wild choosing what to get. Gel mani? Chevron tips with bling? Classy French tips jazzed up with striking red? We have hundreds of colors and styles. You dream it, we will make it happen. No more limited choices with those at home manicure and pedicure sets; we have you covered from the most complicated nail art to acrylic nails!


3.) You get a listening ear and the best advice of your life. We don’t just suggest that deep purple you never considered, we listen to your feelings and understand. Best of all, it all stays here at the salon.


4.) You get to have a mini escape with your girlfriends and relax. We <3 meeting others, and so do you. Bond and create relationships that last years.


5.) You get pampered. We serve you wine, massage away stress with soothing lotions, offer you sweets, and genuinely mean it when we say you look great.


6.) You have no fears about the salon’s cleanliness and look forward to healthy nails. We use an autoclave to get rid of 100% of the bacteria and sterilize like our life depends on it. We know how to take care of brittle nail beds and yellowed nails. Good hygiene starts here!


7.) You love the discounts we offer to make a healthy nail care regimen affordable. Not only do we send out newsletters with savings every week, we post our deals on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked-In! Not on our email list? Email us at


8.) You find the perfect accessories at our boutique! From earrings to the cutest bags, we hand pick our items every week!


9.) You get compliments of how beautiful your nails look. You love hearing “Wow! Where did you get your nails done?”


10.) You are addicted to the fun. We are all about laughs, smiles, and jokes. What better place to take a load off than at Gettin’ Tipsy?


11.) [BONUS] We sincerely appreciate you. Not just your business, but learning from you, sharing with you, and getting to become your friend.


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Unofficially Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. Many of us of us are ready to hit the beach, slap some burgers on the grill and spend the long weekend with our families and friends.  Officially, it’s a day to remember those that fought and died for these great United States of America.  First called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was borne of the Civil War. On the very first celebration, 20,000 graves of Union and Confederate soldiers were decorated with flowers for those who perished in defense of their country. It was after WWI that the celebration honored ALL Americans that served and died in battle for our rights, for our freedoms…for our great nation, the United States of America.
Gettin’ Tipsy would like to thank ALL who serve our country.  Not just the men and woman in uniform, but their families who hold down the fort at home often times as single parents while their partner is serving to protect us all.  We respect, appreciate and honor those men and woman who have volunteered with courage to serve our country. We offer 15% discount to all service members and their families unless we have a special that works even better for your pocketbook.
Thank you, a MILLION times THANK YOU!
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